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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Issues

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Please check your inbox and look for the ClickBank confirmation email that contains details of your order.  Look for the Devotion System section of this email (usually the first item listed) and click the large green button titled “Download or Access Your Product”.

Clicking this button will take you to a webpage where you’ll be shown your Members Zone login details (username/password).  Then, simply click “Continue” to proceed to the Members Zone and begin working through the program (detailed instructions on how to open/download the program are provided on each page).

If you already know your Members Zone username and password, click here to go to the Members Zone homepage and enter your login details.  After logging in, simply click the program component you want to access.

If you do not have the ClickBank confirmation email, or if your Members Zone login details are not working, please use the form on this page to contact support and we’ll be happy to assist you further.  (Please provide your order number and details of the issue you’re experiencing in your message.)

If you have completed your order but have not yet clicked on the green “Access or Download Your Product” button on the ClickBank Receipt Page (shown immediately after you finished placing your order) or in the ClickBank Receipt Email, please do so now as this will create your account automatically, and you will be shown (and emailed) your login details.

If you have already done this and you’ve lost your login details or they are no longer working, please use the webform on this page to contact us so that we can re-set your password and provide updated, working login information.

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The videos are in standard web format, meaning they should be playable in almost all web browsers (including all computers, tablets or mobile devices).

If you are unable to play the videos, please try using a different web browser (ie. use Google Chrome instead of Mozilla FireFox, for instance).  Please also ensure your browser is capable of playing either Flash or HTML5 video content (check the help documents in your web browser for further details).

If you continue to have trouble playing the videos, please contact support using the webform on this page for further assistance.

To unsubscribe from any automated emails, simply scroll to the bottom of any email message and look for the “unsubscribe” link.  Click the link and choose which mailing lists you wish to be removed from. You will be immediately and permanently unsubscribed and will not receive any further automated emails.

Ordering / Billing

The program costs $48.25 US dollars.  This is a one-time fee, there are no recurring charges.

The ClickBank order form may display pricing in your local currency (ie. the currency exchange-rate equivalent to $48.25 USD in your local currency).  You may choose to pay in US dollars or your local currency.

Your order of The Devotion System is backed by an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee, allowing you to try the program risk-free for up to 2 months.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  If you decide the program is not right for you, simply contact us at any time within 60 days for a full refund.

When you signed up for The Devotion System, you were provided a unique 8-digit ClickBank order number, which you may be asked to provide in order to verify your order.

All ClickBank order numbers are 8 characters long, and contain both letters and numbers (ie. “S5RZ91LT”)

Your ClickBank order number was included in the subject line of the email receipt that was sent to you by ClickBank upon completing your registration.

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Orders of The Devotion System are handled by ClickBank, one of the world’s leading online retailers.  ClickBank accepts payments from customers in over 130 countries, and allows customers to pay via any major credit card or through your bank account (via PayPal).

If your order is being “declined”, there are several possible reasons:

  • There is an error with the billing information you provided on the order form (please double-check all fields to ensure they are accurate and there are no typos);
  • Your billing address is in a country that ClickBank does not support (the most common are Nigeria, Kenya, and Bangladesh);
  • Your payment has been incorrectly flagged as “potentially fraudulent” by a credit card company’s automated fraud detection system.  This most often occurs when you are using a different computer from the one you normally use, or when you are ordering from a country that is not the same as your billing address (ie. you live in Germany but are trying to order while on holiday in Canada).

If you continue to have problems with your order, please use the contact form on this page to request further assistance.  Thank you for your understanding!

Essential Info

The Devotion System is a comprehensive relationship program created by renowned dating coach Amy North.  It reveals simple secrets, techniques, and phrases that tap into the male psychology and force a man to love and commit to you.  The Devotion System has helped tens of thousands of women from around the world build healthy, lasting relationships with the man of their dreams.

The Devotion System program is 100% online, meaning there are no shipping fees and the entire program is available immediately after ordering.

Amy North is a renowned relationship and dating coach from Canada.  For nearly 8 years, Amy has been working with women from around the world, helping them to find and keep the man of their dreams.

Amy’s hugely popular YouTube channel boasts nearly 200,000 subscribers and tens of millions of views, and her best-selling Devotion System program is widely regarded as the #1 women’s dating guide on the planet.

No, The Devotion System is 100% online, and customers do not receive any physical items.

This means that there are absolutely no shipping fees, and the entire program is available immediately after ordering.

The program can be viewed online (with no downloads required), or it can be downloaded to any computer or mobile device for offline viewing.

Yes, the entire program is 100% mobile-optimized and will work on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.